(Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, this is a legit firm. So, this review is long overdue, but felt this wonderful doll is due it’s justice. After owning this beautiful doll for a full six months now, I can gladly say she is truly worth it and completely satisfying. I was worried about buyer’s guilt for such a large purchase, but not anymore. True, she is a heavy girl, but it enhances the lifelike quality. My lovely girl has the hollow H cup breasts that feel amazing to the touch and heavenly for breast sex. I chose the removable vagina option, which I’m glad I did due to the ease of cleaning. Once I have the proper lubrication it’s hard to pull out when climaxing because of how real the sensation feels on top of the visually stimulation of watching her boobs bounce in missionary position. It took me awhile to figure out how to properly place her in doggy style. I didn’t think it was possible to enter her vagina from the back unless I was longer than average because her butt is exquisitely big, round and firm. Then I found that when I arched her back it provided me with the access I needed to slide into her vagina along with an enjoyable view and grasp of her bottom and hips. With slight maintenance to keep her skin soft, she has held up very well after several sessions of fun and enjoyment these past six months and would imagine she would stay in good shape for a good few years. She definitely fits my lifestyle since I’m not looking right now at putting in the time, money, and investment into an actual relationship and the stress and expectation that comes with it. All in all, just a gorgeous doll.

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